Must Have Features For Local Business Websites

Must Have Features For Local Business Websites

In today's time, if people can’t find you on the internet, you just don’t exist for them. So, even small local businesses should definitely have a strong presence in the online world. But what exactly does it take to design a great local business website?

The experts at Quora Web Solution is here to share information on the must have features for any local business website. This article will be a very useful guide for developers as well as business owners alike.

All of the below mentioned points are written while keeping the local business websites in mind. If you are someone who is designing a local business website or you already have one then do not miss any of these must have features for local business websites. 

Features for Local Business Websites

A call-to-action button

It is imperative to show your customers where exactly to go once they access your website. So let's say that a customer lands on your home page. Now how should they proceed with it? Is the main aim to direct them further along your marketing funnel? Or Do you want them to jump and buy your products or access a service? The possibilities can be endless in this scenario. Hence, a CTA comes into existence. A Call To Action shows your customers what you expect them to do. Make sure that you keep it on your website at a place which can be easily found or seen by visitors. 

Social Media channel links

Social media is now undoubtedly a must have for every business and hence, include social media links that take users to your social profile. Social media marketing Or SMM is as influential as website advertising is. Having your business portfolio with all your offered products or services on social media is a sure way to attract users that are new to your website. 

Contact Number

No list of the website features for small businesses will ever miss this one feature which is ‘contact details’.  This is a must-have feature in creating  a great local business website. Without this, you will not really earn the trust of your visitors. No one will ever risk doing big business with you when your credibility is in question. 

Business Hours

Are you a business that runs 24 by 7, all year long? Do you offer products or services at a certain time only? Whatever it is, make sure to include your working hours on your local business website because your customers should know when you are available.  Remember to include your location as well as it will help them find you at the right time and at the right place. 

Google Analytics

If you have successfully launched your website then now you need a way to measure your performance as well as progress. Make sure to discuss with your web development service provider about the best analytics tools that have to be used. You can keep a track of and also monitor user traffic on your website with no great hustles. 

Quality Visuals

Someone said it true that a photo is worth a thousand words. This is true in the digital marketing world as well. While the well written content is imperative visual content is just as effective as it can be. Make sure that your local business website has high-quality images and videos as this adds to the professional appeal of your offered product or service.  

Fast Loading Speeds

Page speed is one of the main features of a website because no one wants to click on a web page that takes a long time to load. Visitors will get irritated if the pages on your website do not load in two to three seconds. Hence, ensure your website has high loading speed by keeping it simple and glitch free. We have an article for the same which suggests tips to faster page loading speed so check it out. 

Feedback System

This is one of the most imperative website features for local businesses. You should have a system in place that helps you receive as well as track customer feedback.  Without any feedback system, you will have a tough time making improvements or changes that satisfy website users.  Keep the system simple so that anyone and everyone can participate it in without wasting much time. 

Testimonials and Reviews

Customer testimonials and good reviews can unimaginably help a business to great extent. It can help reinforce your brand image and bring in new users by showing them trust by your previous customers or clients. Users who read through the positive comments or watch videos giving out good reviews will see your website as a trusted source. This is quite significant in luring potential customers to your business.  

Website For Mobile

Optimizing your website for mobile will definitely affect how many people can access your website. In today's time, a good number of web users prefer browsing using smartphones only and hence, it would be a smart move to make sure that your website works impeccably across all mobile devices.  

Blog Posts

Blogs are one of the key features of a website because they are a great way to frequently update your website’s information. You could simply just hire professional content writers to do it for you. Blogs can also boost your SEO rankings in the Google SERP. Make sure that you use the right keywords. This will in turn enhance your visibility as well as search engine position. 

Final Thoughts

These were just the basics and must have features for local business websites. These were not all the features that you should consider in coming up with the great local business websites. In order to find out more website features for small businesses, then speak to a website development company like us. You could also use our help in implementing all the above features on your local business website.