Website Design Review Checklist: What Is Good Design?

Website Design Review Checklist: What Is Good Design?

Building a new website is indeed a big task, but like anything else when building something, there are a number of challenges which will often come into existence. Experiencing both the good and the not so good things of web design, below is a check list of points that we have put together based on our experience. This article is intended to give you a good website design idea that will help you in the success of your website.


1. The Main Page

Your main page is basically the cover and title of your brand or site. Just like books, websites are also judged by their cover page and title and so it becomes really important to make it attractive and good. So below mentioned are the most crucial criteria that your main page must conform to:

Right message: The visitor should be able to identify what exactly your website is about in five seconds or even less than that.

Clear next step: The visitor must see exactly where to go from the main page if he wants to read about some information available on your website.

Good hero visual: The main page must have a central visual either in the form of image or animation or video that will help drive the visitor's attention.

Prompting call to action: There should be least one, if not many CTA buttons. Ideally, your website should pursue multiple types of actions and you should place as many calls as there are for all the possible actions.

Invoke the emotion: Enter your website as if you have done it for the very first time. Does it make the impression that you want your visitor to experience or do you need to work more hard and smart? Question this to yourself and things will accordingly work out.

2. User Experience (UX)

There is a very popular saying by some of the finest User Experience specialists that a good website design is as little design as possible. User Experience rules and patterns are pure science which comes from years of experience and research. It allows little to none creativity at all. These good web design principles or criteria have been tested on millions and billions of users throughout the history of web designing.

3. Structure and Navigation

Websites with good website design are organized in such a way that each and every visitor gets to their target as easily as possible. When you are launching a brand new site, you would surely know what your visitor's objectives would be. It could be to write a post, subscribe to your mails, buy your products, sell, find certain information, etc. Structure and navigation of any website is really important as it represents the level of accessibility of its purpose to the users and visitors. So evaluate your website design critically and make it as perfect as possible.

4. Textual Content

Make sure that you do not touch upon copywriting and marketing features of your website's text. We are saying this because it does not directly affect the website design. Instead of that, you should focus on how your text actually looks like because bad typography can literally kill the brightest visual artworks.

5. Visual Content

Visuals are what lures the visitor's attention and makes them want to stick to your website and explore your posts further. Lack or poor choice of visuals will undoubtedly bore the user, even though your website is nothing more than a yellow pages directory. However, with the right selection of images, animations, icons or video content, you can be rest assured that your website will sparkle with bright colors and enable a vivid experience.

6. Responsiveness

A good website talks to its visitors and we do not only mean verbal messages but much more. The elements of your website's interface should interact with the user's actions, be it moving the mouse, scrolling up or down, clicking on the CTAs or simply watching some content unfold before their eyes on the web page. If you want your visitors to treat your website as a living thing, then consider implementing one or two of the following mentioned points-

Responsive scrolling: The scrolling wheel is like the third mouse button which has to have bound functions exactly like the other two. Try making your graphic elements move on scroll, or images fade on scroll.

Responsive mouse overs: Modern websites highlight the imperative elements on the mouse-over that might be buttons, menu sections, the logo or simply the page transition links.

Smart active corners: In case you are in the trend, and you have made your menu roll out from the side or corner of the screen, do not forget that it only does so when the user wants it to. No sliding element should act as a hindrance in clicking on the links and buttons which are close to the active corner.


We have mentioned all the main website design review checklist points that are important. Make sure that you have all items on your list checked as it would mean high success rate and that you have a really good website design. We really hope that you found the website design idea useful and will add on points in case you're missing out on something. If you need any help with the website design services, you can reach out to our Website Design Company anytime.