Top 30 Website Designing Companies In Bangalore

Top 30 Website Designing Companies In Bangalore

The world has around 1.7 billion websites and the number of web designers is around 23 million

As you may have guessed Web designers are in demand, always. This is because; there is no website development without web designing. If you are embarking on a journey to get your website developed and are looking for a Website Design Company in Bangalore, we have your answer.

Irene Au had once said - “Good design is like a refrigerator-when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn't, it sure stinks.” If you envision a top notch website to be developed for business, your web designers need to be top notch too. Here's our list of Top Web design companies in Bangalore with a bit of the background. Go through it, and decide which one you think will match your requirements.

List of 30 Top Web Design Companies In Bangalore:

Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd:

Aalpha India provides design services which are scalable flexible, resilient, and has an architectural approach. They guarantee to meet not only the immediate, but also long-term objectives of their clients. They follow a structured methodology, utilize design frameworks, and bring together strategic intent and infrastructure.


Epsilon provides solution design which is able to attain the your customer experience goals such as increased revenue, personalized engagements, etc. A personalized customer journey is their promise and they live to restore a fine balance between the brands, the end users, and technology.


Inkoniq's expertise lies in defining big visions, turning ideas in realities, and delivering to its clients and end-users a delightful user experience. Their integrated design transforms your brand, grows your business, and creates experiences that the customers will fall in love with. They design thinking technology, and their expertise delivers awesome experiences.

Quora web solution:

Quora Web Solution Website designing company in Bangalore, India. It provides web-designing services to all types of business clients. They believe in tailoring every of their design solution to the needs and challenges and push themselves beyond what they have previously delivered.

Ultimez Technolgy:

Ultimez Technolgy is a professional website designing company in Bangalore that discovers innovative ways to design creative solutions. It is the believer that “Design creates culture and that culture creates a value. Thus, they give your thoughts an existence through their web designing.


Virtusa believes in experimentation supplemented by holistic design thinking; and strives to create experiences that are exceptional for the clients as well as the end users. They follow a designed set of methods using which they comprehend the need / problem, create probable solutions, test their assumptions, and design a prototype.

Lens Interactive Studio Pvt Ltd .:

Lens Interactive is a creative user experience and interface design agency. Bringing in 'art to the cart', Lens Interactive is a team of creative designers that designs unique web experiences accompanied by innovative thinking. They design websites that can catch the eye, mind, & heart.


The Bulfig believes in going an extra mile to understand their customers and end-users; to design experiences that are delightful. They emphasize on creating websites that are inbound focused and designed for conversions.

Ascendum Solutions:

With its office in Bangalore, Ascendum solutions provide world-class website design. They work closely with their clients to re-imagine user experience. They have a design-led approach and firmly believe in creation of design and development as a single package instead of separate silos. They love challenges and strive to raise their own bar, every time.

Numa Soft Technology Services:

Numa Soft believes in never compromising with their designing deliverables. They follow the pattern of systematic research, then execution, and then delivery of expectations and beyond. Their clients include Royal Enfield Slide School, Aquuamarine, Genesis interior, Devtorq, Ykrok Daycare, etc.


V2Apps is a professional web design service providers offering custom website design including websites, e-commerce websites, responsive sites, blog sites, etc. Their designs are aesthetically and technically beautiful, suit the requirements of the customers, and helps businesses to create an effective online presences on all devices.

Sumeru Inc:

With their passionate expertise borne out of more than two decades of servicing, Sumeru has been unlocking opportunities and designing for future of every industry. Their team of world-class designers can assuredly meet any challenges and requirements and deliver exceptional designs.

Yellowchalk Design:

Yellowchalk Design is an UX/UI Design Studio who is expert in designing experiences that users want and businesses need. They create powerful designs and compelling products by bridging the gap between business and human motivations. They have serviced 100+ clients globally, and their impressive clientele includes Intel, Titan, etc.

Cartoon Mango:

Cartoon Mango Digital is a web designing service providers that prides in building products that are impactful for businesses as well as individuals. They have expertise in design and deliver exceptional business as well as customer value that help in creating a competitive and sustainable advantage.

Sukkrish Aadds:

Delivering ‘work that works’ is the desire that drives the Bangalore based web designing Sukkrish Aadds. They believe in empathizing with their clients and creating designs that are manifestation of the clients’ aspirations. Their designs ‘talk the talk’ and you can expect from them website designs which are unique, interesting, and edgy every time.

Fortunesoft IT Innovations:

Fortunesoft IT Innovations is spread across locations in US, India, Singapore, Australia, etc. They have a decade more experiences having developed more than 450 projects. They handcraft rewarding and rich brand as well as user experiences that aim at forming valuable relationships boosting business growth. They design User Interfaces which are unique, elegant, modern, and an absolute standout.

Roars Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:

Roars is a product innovation Design Agency in Bangalore. They welcome the most trying digital product designs and love to live unto the challenge. ‘The more complicated, the better.’ is what they believe. They believe in creating a valuable user experience that has a user interface that is flawless and provides an experience that is scalable as well as functional. They, through all their efforts stick to the fundamental principles of designing.

Fresh Mind Ideas:

Fresh Mind Ideas is a web design company which designs for your a beautiful as well as functional website which gives end-users positive perceptions of your brands and also boosts your brand image and site rank.


Zerozilla is a team of creative minds who are enthusiastic to help you empower your business with their web designing solutions. They have more than 8 years of designing experiences of servicing clients from around the world, belonging to various niches. They provide mobile-friendly and rich UI website designs which are curated to meet the your demands.


With its deep-rooted presence in Bangalore, FuGenX believes it is a game changer in the world’s IT landscape. They address short and long term changes and challenges and create long-term value designs for your business. Their expertise in identifying risks and opportunities within the marketplace is what sets them apart.

Srijan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:

Srijan has the culture to serve businesses, clients, and the world in general, with care, compassion, and integrity. They bring in experimentation, finely honed skill sets, and even unique perspectives to solve your problems and cater exponential experiences.

Redd Experience Design:

Redd Experience Design is a Bangalore based user experience design agency. Since its establishment in 2015, they have worked on 80+ projects in 30+ Verticals, and one of the top design studios in India. Their rather well known clients include BlueStone, UrbanLadder, Lenskart, CaratLane, Cloudnine Hospitals, etc.


HumanX are a Bangalore based strategic design consultancy. Their designs powers brand experiences as well as digital products. Some of their well-known clients include Pearson, Aditya Birla Capital, Coca-Cola, SBI Mutual Fund, BDS Bank, Informa Group, Omidyar Network, etc.


EngineerBabu provide web designs tailored to retrofit into the needs of the clients. They have at their disposal skilled designers which can align your goals, and provide expertise which can create a perfect synergy.

Thoughtgrid Interactive Solutions LLP:

ThoughtGrid is the ideation, innovation & design studio which is specialized in web as well as mobile experience design. They design websites using the right technology, design, trend etc. to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

B2C Info Solutions:

B2C Info Solutions provide Web design services and have offices spread across USA, UK, India, New Zealand, etc. They provide Secure and Scalable web design solutions that are simply impossible to ignore. They create web design from your innovative idea by gathering all the requirements, and identifying and conceptualizing your customer and business goals.


Web@Click is an Ultra Modern Affordable Website Designing service provider. They produce clear, contemporary, and unique website designs. They aim at constructing bridges in web expertise to bring about the client’s objective into actuality.


Imajine are website design professionals who create profound design work. They create web designs that embody your visions while delivering clear and concise web designs.

Jootoor Designs:

Jootoor is a website design company in Bangalore, known for providing intuitive, stunning, and responsive web designs for clients across India. They design individually tailored and bespoke web designs that incorporate branding and promote the businesses. They believe in performance functionality along with aesthetics.

Studio Fra:

Studio Fra is a boutique UX design consultancy that strives to drive positive results through good design. They believe that good design can influence the bottom-line, and achieve this through a user-centred design proves which enhances solutions while solving problems.

This was our list, so choose the one that resonates with you. And if you are confused what to you want out of your website design, remember what Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”