The Difference Between Dynamic And Static Websites

The Difference Between Dynamic And Static Websites

Websites are classified into two different types. Static and dynamic. In simple words, static means stationary or fixed, while dynamic means capable of change. Both simple and dynamic terms are used to describe the nature of the website content. Static websites display the same content for every visitor, on the other hand, dynamic websites display different content and provide user interaction with the help of advanced coding. Static website development is much easier than dynamic website development . To explore more about the differences between static and dynamic websites, go through this article.

What Is A Static Website

A static website is displayed in a browser exactly as it is stored and it is sometimes called a stationary page. This website comes with a fixed number of pages that have a specific layout. When a page runs on a browser, the web content remains stable and doesn't change in response to visitor actions. It is normally created with fixed CSS and HTML in simple text editors. A static website does not demand database design and web programming. It is the basic form of a website and it is very easy to create. If you are thinking of creating a website smaller than three pages, opting for static choice is the best choice. On the other hand, if you want a website with hundreds of pages, then a dynamic website is the proper choice for you. The source code is fixed for each page and it looks more like a printed page.

Advantages: it is easy to build and for the hosting you need to spend only a smaller amount

Disadvantages: It demands web development expertise to update.

What Is A Dynamic Website?

A dynamic website demands web programming skills and database designs.  This type of website changes the content that changes, based on factors such as the viewer of the site, the time of the day, and the native language of the country. The content of your site including text, images, and other social media platforms is stored on a content management system. When the information is changed within the databases, the changes will update on the site too. Dynamic websites are more functional than static websites. It let visitors interact with the information that is listed on the page. Dynamic websites use both server-side and client-side scripting language including ASP, PHP, and JavaScript.  The browser downloads the web page from the server and processes the code within the page and delivers the information to the user.

Advantages: It is easy to update and it also helps search engines to crawl the website easily.

Disadvantages: It is more expensive to host.

The static Vs. Dynamic

Meaning: The term static means something that is fixed, that remains stable, or doesn’t move. No elements on this webpage are changed when the user accesses it. Static websites are basic pages that demand simple code and design elements to create. On the other hand, the term dynamic refers to elements that are continuously changing, and functional. They are more versatile and complex in terms of design and building.

Technicality: In technical terms, the difference between the two types of websites can be depicted. The static websites have only fixed content, building them can be done in plain HTML.  The user can interact with a static page by just clicking hyperlinks and filling in forms. Dynamic websites are based on CSS and HTML, but it requires server-side scripting to make it functional. The server-side languages are used to manage events and control actions that may happen on the dynamic page.

Coding: To build a static website, the developer doesn’t need to use complex software programs. Even a developer with some small knowledge in HTML and CSS can easily develop a static website. Static pages have elements such as multimedia and text elements. Visitors will see the same design and content each time they visit the website. A dynamic website generates the content based on actions the users make on the page.  If you want to develop a dynamic website, you need an IDE( Integrated Development Environment) along with strong technical skills in server-side language programming.

Which One Should You Choose

If you have a website for your business, you can tell whether it is static or dynamic by seeing whether the web page is interactive or if it only contains content that is meant to be printed out or read. If you want to build a website, you have made your choice as per the requirement, purpose, and the available resources that you have for your site.


Most people go for dynamic website development because they want to own a website that is easier to maintain. Dynamic websites are also best for efficient data management. If you are thinking of building purely informational websites, then go for static website development. We hope this article about the differences between static and dynamic websites will help to know better about both websites.