How To Write A Web Design Proposal?

How To Write A Web Design Proposal?

Writing web design proposals is a complex, and tedious process. It requires a lot of work, in the end, it may not pan too much. Most creative minds prefer to work on pushing prospects through the sales funnel rather than spending time on writing proposals. But, if you consider working on your proposals, then definitely the project is going to be hit. Your project proposal can make or break your project, so mastering writing a proposal is the ultimate. Having a well-structured work proposal will make a perfect impression on the potential client and increases our chances of getting the job. In this blog, we will guide you on how to write web design proposals, the factors you need to include, and how to get website development projects.

What Is A Web Design Proposal?

A web design proposal is a contract in that it is a written agreement between the service provider and a prospective client. It established an understanding of the expectations between the web developer and the potential client and vice versa. 

Include the following factors in your proposal

A Problem Overview: you need to begin with the problem overview where you show your client an issue in their business. This will help you to catch the client’s attention immediately, showing them how well you understand their issue, business, and their requirements. 

The Proposed Solution: then add an outline that explains what you will be delivering and how you solve this issue, starting from the web wire-framing, specific graphic design, and the need for web development.  Here write the benefits of your solution and how it will positively affect the business. 

Schedule: in this section, explain how your workflow will operate within a timeframe. This is where you need to specify when the client can expect to get drafts, tests, prototypes, rounds of correction, and more. 

Price Quote: during your interview with the client, ask them directly, what their total budget for the project is. The pricing information is an important element in any proposal. Break up the pricing structure to provide a better understanding for the clients. 

Call to Action: you need to give them away to accept and sign off on the proposals directly. If the client sends your proposals in Word, PDF, or Google Docs, this can be difficult as they don’t have acceptance or signature features. 

To solve this, you can do any of the mentioned below:

* Use tools like Docu-Sign which gives them the ability to accept and sign.

* You can use a dedicated proposal tool 

* You can ask them to send you a confirmation to kick-start the project.

About Us & Contacts: you can add this as a final section. It is the best place for us to highlight what we do exactly, our experience, talents, and advantages in choosing our services. Add a brief description or a link to a portfolio where you could add social media links and testimonials from other clients.

Use this information mentioned above to develop the best web design proposal. The next thing you need to do identifying various ways to get web development projects 

How To Get Website Development Projects?

If you get enough experience of a few years, new clients will come automatically. Until then, try these best ideas to get projects.

Create your website: providing website designing services, but not having your site is an irony itself. Develop a stunning and attractive website that your clients drool over. 

 Social media marketing: It is the best way to attract new clients. Based on your target audience, choose your social media platforms and maintain consistency while posting.

Check out freelancing websites: freelancing websites can be the best option when you start from a sub-zero level. You can find web development projects on Upwork and Fiverr.

Do enough networking: Networking is the best element of marketing. It helps you to generate more clients but also builds relationships that could lead to collaborations and partnerships. Join networking platforms to increase your radius of networking.

Collaborate with those in a related industry: the best option is to collaborate with related industry freelancers. You can hire a freelancer in content writing, course creator, graphic designer, or all those professionals who can refer you for a new site. 

Referrals work like charm: This is the most effective form of marketing. You can ask your clients for his testimonial and reference. 


Writing great web design proposals can be a daunting task, there is no doubt. Follow the factors to write web design proposals. If you are searching for ways to expand your web development business, then contact a website development company to design a website of your choice.