How to Become a Web Developer - Step-By-Step Guide

How to Become a Web Developer - Step-By-Step Guide

Technology plays an important role in our day-to-day lives, from even small apps to advanced inventions. Every website or software that we see has been built by a web developer-but what exactly is web development, and what they exactly do.

If you see it from the outside, it may seem confusing and a little complicated. So, to understand this field, we have put together the introduction to web development and the steps need to follow to become a web developer. In this blog, we will go through the basics of a web development guide and tips to become a pro in this sector.

Whether you are thinking to change your career path or want to rejoin the workforce after some time, there is a good opportunity for a tech career that provides the flexibility and compensation you are searching for. One of the best ways into the tech industry is through web development. There are a variety of resources that cover basic website development and tips available online that can help you to become a web developer.

Who Is A Web Developer?

A web developer is a programmer who is responsible for creating web-based applications to be accessed through the internet. These websites and applications have a specific set of features and functions that the developer is responsible to build through his coding skills. Web development is categorized into two major categories such as:

FrontEnd Web development: this type of web development is meant for building and designing features, layout, and outer appearance of a website. The person dealing with Front end development is called a client-side developer.

Backend web development: it is the process responsible for building the driving system of a website. It is mainly responsible for building frameworks that let data be easily transferred from the web browser to the web server.

Individuals who have experience in both front-end and back-end development are called full-stack developers- they have better career opportunities and are well-paid.

How To Become A Web Developer?

STEP 1: choose the skills you need to work in web development

In general, web developer works are typically skill-based, if you have a specific set of skills you can shine in the web development industry. To begin with, website development, choose and identify which type of skills you need. It is categorized into two types.

Front End Web Development Skills: you need to be good at tech skills including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to become a front end developer. The visual parts of a website come that users see and interact with their web browser come under front-end development. To be a successful front-end web developer, you need to be a pro in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. HTML and CSS are used to define the parts, fonts, colors, and layout of a webpage. While JavaScript is a scripting language used to control the dynamic content on a webpage including animated graphics, interactive maps, and scrolling video.

Back-end development skills: To become a back-end developer, you need to know skills including CSS, HTML, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and NodeJS. Back-end coding deals with hidden aspects of a website such as writing code to request, fetching data from databases, and displaying data that has CSS, HTML, and JavaScript content. Common skills used for back-end development are Node JS, Ruby on Rails, and more.

STEP 2: Start Learning Web Development And Practice

Once you choose what skills you need to learn and how to become a web developer, then it is the perfect time to learn those skill sets. You can learn these skills from an institute or learn them from your own home and at your own pace.

Start with three basic: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

You can find free CSS, HTML, and JavaScript tutorials available both online and offline. You can also take paid online coding classes if you are in the market for more structure and support.

Get support from the web development community for feedback and advice.

You need to participate in online coding communities like StackOverflow and GitHub to add value to your profile. GitHub is a digital community where web developers can post projects they are currently working on, connect with other developers and receive feedback on their work. Stack Overflow is a programming-related discussion board where developers interact in a Q&A format.

Work on a real-time project.

The best strategy to develop your web development skills is to take on test projects-whether these are small paid jobs for friends or projects based on a hobby.

Practice With Free Tools To Increase Your Knowledge.

Spend quality time on practicing web development tools available online and find the ones that give you the most value. Get familiar with tools including content management systems, text editors, web browser extensions, and more.

Step 3: Find The Right Web Developer Job

After you built up a solid web developer skill set, then it is the perfect time to search for a job. Start to work as an intern or do freelance work to gather experience. Search for jobs in job searching websites including Glassdoor, Indeed, and more. We suggest you focus more on flexible, remote, and freelance positions.


We suggest you find opportunities using sites like and Women who code, and more. In addition, make face-to-face job connections at job fairs, workshops, and conferences. Follow these above-mentioned simple steps and soon you will be in a position to start reaping all of the benefits when you become a website developer. This web development guide and tips will help you to excel in your career. You can also opt for website development training to know more about the skills, tools, and projects.