5 Home Page Layout Designs Ideas You Must Try in 2021

5 Home Page Layout Designs Ideas You Must Try in 2021

Building a website from scratch is not a complicated process. You need only proper knowledge of web development or get help from a web design company to design a unique website as per your requirements. To gain more attention from the visitors, you need to concentrate more on your website design. In this guide, We crafted a list of five stunning home page design layout ideas to make your website more attractive.

Why Home Page Layout Is Different

Your homepage is the most important on your website because it is the first page of your website that visitors will notice when they land on your site. Hence you have to make your first impression more memorable. In the digital medium, your website will act as an executive to market your business among your visitors.  you have an effective home page layout design, then it will act as your sales representative who diligently guides your visitors around your website. This provides the opportunity for visitors to discover your services and products effortlessly. 

What Is An Effective Homepage Design Layout 

Do proper planning before selecting website home page Design to find out what type of content to place on your page and which content should display first.  Selecting a proper home page layout design is not easy. You cannot simply place any information you can think of onto the page. If it is done properly, then visitors will identify what your website is about and everything on your website. It also provides easier navigation and makes the website easy to use.

What Type Of Content You Should Add To Home Page Design 

When landing on the home page of the website, most people ended up clicking the “back “ button because they couldn’t get what they’re searching for in a few seconds. If your Home page is effective people will spend time on your site or otherwise leave your site. The layout of the homepage of your website design is divided into two equal parts: 

1. Above-The-Fold The content you see when the home page is loaded first. 

2. Below-The-Fold- The other content you only see when you scroll down the website.

It is essential to plan what content you should place Above-The-Fold and Below-The-Fold. 

Website Home Page Design Ideas

Some of the website homepage design ideas are

Clean Home Page:

It is the hottest trend followed by many top companies. It is going to become popular because of its clean and modern look. In this design, You can expect clean flow while scrolling the website. You can expect sans-serif fonts, intuitive navigation, a flat aesthetic, and a minimalist layout. This design will give a more formal feeling and it is best for businesses such as consulting, technology, and education.

Modern Home Page:

If you deal with cosmetic industries and fashion industries then try to keep your design modern. You need to design a website to fit with the fashion trends. You need to provide your customers with a clear vision to facilitates easier navigation. This will avoid confusion of customers about what your website is about and what you offer. Use grid systems with icons and make use of short paragraphs to answer key questions that many people would like to have about their brand.

Friendly Web Design:

Try to keep your website design more simple and friendly to gain attention from the people who visit your website. If your design is simple then it offers easier navigation for people who don’t even have basic knowledge of accessing the internet. Use these web designs for food delivery sites, booking sites, and more.

Funny Web Design:

Funny web design can attract more visitors than a normal one. Make your website unique by adding bright color palettes, incredible fonts, detailed infographics, and some attractive illustrations. Most businesses use this design to offer an immersive digital experience. This website is the best fit for businesses including food products, Vacations, entertainment, and food products.

Classic And Vintage Web Design:

When you use the vintage and classic themed home page in your web design, it will bring familiarity, warmth, and nostalgia to the visitors. Use faded textures, Skeomorphs, and old school fonts to stimulate visitors' old emotions. This website is best for film photographers, artisanal baker, vintage apparel brands, and screen-printer.


If You’re working on a new website, keep in mind that your website’s home page design is very important to get the audience’s first impressions. Use this blog as a guide to design a unique website home page design.