20 Best Website Development Blogs To Read And Follow In 2021

20 Best Website Development Blogs To Read And Follow In 2021

Are you a beginner web developer or expert? Did you learn to code, or are you self-learner? Whatever your situation may be, you have not completed your learning. Web development is one of those jobs that need habitual learning and self-improvement. With the many types of coding in use, staying ahead in your career can be difficult. It is a constantly changing field, so you need to keep updated with the latest trends to get success in the long run. You need to study a variety of website development topics to create your techniques and methodology for website development.

In this blog, we have created a list of 20 of the best web development blogs to bookmark in your browser. Our list includes website development blogs brimming with programming tutorials and examples that are best for the back-end, front-end, and full-stack developers.

Tuts+ Code 

It is one of the leading educational web development blogs that have more than 1220 courses, tutorials, and eBooks that cover an extensive range of topics starting from coding, web design, 3D design, web development, and motion graphics. The “Guides” section on the web development blog offers a wide range of in-depth content about Python, JavaScript, Accessibility coding, API, and more. Also, it features many guides on other aspects of web development, such as tools to boost workflow. You can go through these blogs if you need to learn new concepts in web development.


It is the leading website development blog website. It is the best choice for beginners in the web development industry. Here you can find topics related to technology, digital marketing, content writing, website development and web design. They publish a lot of useful tips related to PHP, HTML, general topics, newly discovered, and the latest trends.

Quora Web Solution

It is one of the top web development blogs with blogs on a wide range of topics on eCommerce solutions, Logo creation, branding, digital marketing, App development, and SEO services. They are one of the leading website development and they provide a variety of services related to web development & web design.

Smashing Magazine

It is a top web design and development blog site that explains different topics including CSS, HTML, Typography, web design, and more. It mostly has regularly updated news, opinion content relating to UX, development, and Web design. Every day, they publish new posts about the latest and advanced development in the Tech world. So, it is better to bookmark this site and add it to your favorites. To access a huge collection of eBooks, you need to buy a Smashing membership card. This blog is very informative and the best source of information for beginners in web development.


It is the best blog site for web development professionals. It contains topics focused mainly on development, development tools, and programming languages. If you follow SitePoint, you will be getting a report on the latest topic in the web development market each month. It is best for individuals who wish to be designers, programmers, product creators, and developers. It has many topics including Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular, and CSS. If you are searching for more than just reading materials, they provide Videos, eBooks, and courses for $9 per month.


If you are searching for something different from website development, then Hongkiat is the best choice. It offers general tech news and it is the best web development blog. It focuses mainly on inspirational content, design, and technology. Here you will find almost everything in website development, starting from checkbox styling with CSS grids to HTML5 Semantics. It also gives tool recommendations, tutorials, and methodology. It is the best platform for graphic designers, bloggers, designers, and web developers.

Web Design Ledger

This blog site offers both web development and general design topics. They also post articles with news and tips about Node JS, jQuery, PHP, and JavaScript. This publication is mainly for web developers and designers. By going through this blog, you will get advice for how to create a website, general coding pitfalls (think rewriting code from scratch when it is not needed), and selecting a domain name.

David Walsh 

David Walsh is a personal blog well-known for publishing articles on both front-end and back-end technologies, particularly for the web. David Walsh is a Javascript consultant who writes blogs on everything starting from website development to software engineering. Here you can find blogs on a wide range of topics such as JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, CSS, and HTML5. If you are a software developer or programmer searching for ways to take the next step in your career, then David Walsh’s blog is the best source to learn new things related to the software field.


If you are a front-end developer looking for a way to stay updated on all the current developments in the industry, then land on SpeckyBoy. This web development contains many useful tutorials and inspirational UI construction on a wide range of topics including CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and WordPress Themes. It was initially launched in October 2007 as a personal freelance web design homepage of Paul Andrew. An extra feature setting this web development blog apart from the others is that it has sections especially for freelancers such as effective time management, and how to negotiate payments.


This blog platform has a huge collection of programming tutorials and other resources. This blog platform is hosted by a community of developers aimed at keeping a library of free content to support developers around the globe. They write and update blogs on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can also subscribe to their newsletter, so can actively get relevant news, productivity rips, and relevant news once per week. You can also get access to download the “jQuery Trickshots-100 techniques'' Ebook. It offers articles and tutorials that are of high quality to readers. In addition, they also offer important freebies and resources.

CSS Author

It is a leading web development blog with a huge collection of freebies and stuff for front-end web developers. On this platform, you can also find plenty of resources including templates, wallpapers, and icons. Here you can find tutorials for almost everything starting from Bootstrap to PSD-HTML conversion. You can also see a wide range of tutorials and blog posts on JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, HTML, CSS, and more. It also provides free PSD design resources, tutorials, articles, new website design trends, and inspiration about design daily. You can also learn new techniques and witness new skills from different shared posts about web development and design.

Creative Bloq

It is the best source of information if you are searching for a collection of crispy, well-researched, and humorous posts relating to languages such as HTML, CSS frameworks, JavaScript, and more. This creative blog offers advice and inspiration to web developers and graphic designers. You can also get insightful information from this site particularly on the recent trends relating to web designs. They publish material and data relating to the software and design industries. They also share posts on topics including UX, CSS, Javascript, and 3D modeling.


In this website blog, you can learn everything related to the tech industry. It is stuffed with all the guides and techniques you need to help you succeed in your career. When it was launched in 2007, the blog will publish content only about CSS, but later it shifted to other content in the software field. It has posts about the practical elements of a web developer’s job such as development tools, how to build accessibility features, and more. One of the advantages of the web development blog is that it has an Almanac which acts as a reference guide to all the basic features of CSS.

Web Designer Depot 

The ultimate goal of the web designer depot is to share only the recent discoveries, trends, tips, and techniques in web development and design. Along with that it also covers mobile apps, design work, and working as a freelancer. It is one of the top design blogs, here you can see all sorts of in-depth articles and tutorials related to Web design. It covers topics on web design, User experience, Accessibility, and freelancing activities.

A-List Part

It is a web development blog that provides better quality content, original content, and regularly posts about everything in web design and development. Along with that they also publish a lot of useful tips such as parsing HTML, increasing website accessibility for screen readers, and processing data with JavaScript. It also focuses on web standards and best practices for web development. In addition, they also feature insightful articles from industry giants on a variety of topics including brand identity, layouts, grids, responsive design, fonts, and typography.


It is a blog that focuses on designing and developing webs. On their web development blog, you can see a wide range of tools, tips, tutorials, resources, and other tools. This blog is best for you if you need to know CSS perfectly. Irrespective of CSS, they have posted almost anything from CSS optimization for driving better page speed. Their main goal is the creation of the best website and it offers articles, tutorials, and many other useful resources. The main topics discussed on this blog include toolkits, Graphics, design, CSS, WordPress, and more.


If you are searching for inspiration, particularly in terms of newsletter design. Their blogs have many examples and tutorials starting from Bootstrap carousels to thanksgiving email newsletters. If you go through the editors’ pick section, you will see a list of some of the best content on this web development blog, including the history of website building and static HTML template. It focuses on different topics including design, WordPress, Coding, and tutorials.

Design Shack

It is a web development blog for front-end developers to bookmark. It is one of the best magazines for websites and developers. These sites publish blogs on web design, graphic design, business, and Typography. It has a wide variety of resources to help you in the creation of website design works.


If you are looking for a go-to repository of tutorials, an extensive reference dictionary for CSS, and quality original blog content, the codrops is the best choice. They also offer general web development news and provide a list of free resources such as plugins and other tutorial websites.

It is a web development blog that has blogs on a variety of topics including CSS, VS-Code, Vue, Angular JS, Node, and Python. They also offer a list of free ebooks on 12 important Vue concepts and how to develop server-side apps with Node. It is the best place to go when searching for some new inspiration or development resources.


The trend is constantly changing, so stay behind. Keep up with current trends by visiting the above-mentioned website development blogs regularly. It is easy to find the current information and latest trends on website development topics, but the above list of best website development blogs can help you to move forward with your work.