10 Best Web Development Frameworks To Use In 2021

10 Best Web Development Frameworks To Use In 2021

“The world has 1.5 billion active websites”

And the number keeps on growing day by day. Especially in the wake of this deadly virus with plagued the world in 2020. As a result, Social distancing has become a norm, and more business than ever going online. The number of websites and applications being developed are on a rise. This requires an increasing number of web developers. Development companies are thus keen on hiring developers, and even freelancer developers are in demand. In the fierce competition to get hired, skills in Web Development Frameworks have been highly sought after.

As a Website development company working in this industry, we have been servicing in the web development industry and hiring web developers. We are well aware of the present market situations and are well aware of the skills and requirement needed from a developer. Hence, we have constructed a Web frameworks list which is the most in-demand in the present scenario.

10 Best Web Development Frameworks To Use In 2021:

Angular: Angular is a front-end Web Framework developed by Google and adapted by various Industry Giants. Using typescript Programming language, Angular framework is used to develop client-side dynamic webpages and single-page applications. This framework has several libraries, directives, controllers, etc. which makes learning it a bit difficult. However, on a positive note, it has very strong support in form of a fast-growing community. Angular supports Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture and two-way binding ie the user interface changes along with any changes in the application data. It is thus ideal for real-time applications.

React: React is a JavaScript library. It tops our Web frameworks list giving a tough fight to Angular Framework. This JS library was developed by Facebook and serves the purpose which is similar to a web-framework ie to develop front-end web applications. As a front-end library, it has not many features, however, it can be integrated with other libraries. Thus, you can easily develop single-page applications by integration. Also, it supports fast document manipulation with help of virtual DOM support

Vue.js: Vue.js is a JavaScript framework. Developed in 2014 by Evan You, Vue.js supports Model-View-Viewmodel (MVVM) architecture. It is a framework used to build User Interface Web Applications and single-page applications. While not being developed or supported by tech-giants, what makes Vue.js a rather popular framework is because it is easy to learn, easy to maintain, has a small size, enables fast development, provides better documentation, and can be easily integrated with other applications. All these advantages make Vue an option to look forward to.

Backbone.js: Similar to React, Backbone.js is also a JavaScript library. Using this efficient, lightweight, and powerful JS library can be used to develop front-end single-page web applications. And to develop and design a full-fledged web application, you'll need to integrate backbone with JS and Unserscore.js. Thus, to put it shortly, Backbone is great for developing small projects, but if you want to build a high-quality application, it is not recommended. On the positive side, Backbone.js is very much easy to learn and apply and hence is beginner-friendly.

Ember: Ember is an MVMM architecture-based framework. Professionals use this cross-platform JavaScript framework to develop front-end web applications. Using the Ember Front-end framework, several famous websites including LinkedIn, Apple Music, Square Inc., etc have been developed. Along with client-side dynamic applications, Ember can also build mobile / desktop applications. Compared to Angular, Ember has well-maintained documentation which is its big advantage. However, remember that Ember provides high performance and better development and hence is ideal only for big projects and not the small ones. Also, learning this language is difficult.

Spring: Spring is a back-end web development framework that is used to develop dynamic web applications. This framework uses Java Programming language, which makes it a highly popular framework. As it is built on java it is rater very flexible, easy to maintain, and able to give high performance. Thus, websites such as Ticketmaster, Bill Guard, etc. have used spring. But beware, it is a difficult framework to learn.

Django: Django is a back-end web development framework, and similar to Spring, Django is built upon Python programming language. No wonder Instagram, NASA, etc. tech-giants use it. Django uses the Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture, promotes code reusability, and promotes the rule - “Do not Repeat Yourself”. Thus it provides a variety of features to enable the development of high-quality applications. This framework provides security, an inbuilt authentication tool, well-organized documents, and the best of all, a rather fast pace of development. There is just a small drawback that it is rather difficult to learn, but then they have a large community to help you through.

Ruby on Rails: Rails is a back-end / serverside web-application framework that is written using the Ruby programming language and hence referred to as Ruby on Rails or RoR. It supports Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture and has been used in the development of sites including GitHub, Groupon, Airbnb, etc. Ruby on Rails is considered in the oldest web frameworks, and hence it has many tools and libraries, and even strong community support. It also provides automation and you can develop cloud-based applications using RoR.

Laravel: PHP is a well-known scripting / programming language with highly accessible structures. It is useful in developing back-end applications. Released in 2011, the Laravel framework is developed especially for PHP developers to improve their skills. However, do note that you cannot develop mobile apps using this framework, and also it doesn't support a payment gateway.

Express.js: Express is a JavaScript backend development framework that is very flexible, and ideal for API development. However, this framework is difficult to learn as it first requires learning the Node.js backend tool. To put it shortly, it is not exactly for beginners. However, if you are a JavaScript developer and have used its various frameworks including Node, express can work wonders.

This was our list of the best Web Development Frameworks of which skills are the best in demand and can be used in this year 2021. If you are looking to develop a career in web development, you should look them up and hone your skills.